We're small enough to be on call for you and big enough to get the job done. We help startups & brands build the next big thing in mobile. For select startups we may lower our quote in exchange for advisory shares. Let's build together.

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Idea to App Store


This is our passion. We've been in your shoes and it's our goal to make the process from idea to launch as smooth as possible. Think of us as your CTO & CCO in the founding days of your startup. Create beautiful mobile apps quickly and cost efficiently. We don’t build just anything. For promising startups we’ll propose a long term relationship. 

Companies hire us to become their partners. We work together with our clients to build compelling products that provide lasting value to our customers. We also know perfection is key. We've built mobile apps for one of the largest casino/resort brands in the world, Resorts World. Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and web based technology tech brings a level of expertise to your enterprise like no other.

We are selective with our partnerships, working only with entrepreneurs we believe in and ideas that we are excited about. Additionally, we hand pick projects that will have synergies with our portfolio companies. Each founder and idea is thoroughly discussed by our entire team with a comprehensive evaluation.
Developed, managed, operated and promoted an Internet business. Handled customer support issues. Analyzed, developed and tested Internet shopping sites and Internet stock management systems.
Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, carrying out ad-hoc tasks as requested by the IT Manager. Had a specific brief to ensure the websites build for customer’s precisely matched their requirements. Specialized on testing and debugging.
Responsible for participating in the full life cycle of new website development projects, and for implement and maintaining best practice procedures in all areas of work. Also in charge of writing, developing and managing the content of websites.
Provided computer related hardware/software maintenance and support to employees throughout the company. Maintained software and hardware related products. Work as a research assistant with a professor in the area of digital image processing.
We provide incremental quality assurance so that there are no surprises at the end. We make sure the Apple App & Play Stores successfully approve your app. We stress test each app to help our clients build something millions of people want and can use. Our ultimate goal is to put startups in a position to acquire customers or investors. We’ll provide the necessary support after launch as well.



We have all resources needed to make your brand better know. We offer professional brand identity development services designed for small business. Every client is different and we don’t just "box up" a branding package that will work for everyone. You’re special, so your branding proposal should be as well.


We are ready for the unexpected, that is an important part of business planning. We review your current policies, make recommendations if necessary and work with you to create an insurance package designed to help provide comprehensive protection for you and your business.


Creating proficient marketing strategies to get you more users. We will not only help you get your business online, but also help to drive a continuous stream of profitable traffic to your Website through the number of programs. We can also help you integrate your offline promotions with your on-line activities.

Best digital solutions for your business


We are an expert at creating designed websites to fit your needs. We strive to create a unique design for your website that will help your business, corporation, or individual enterprise stand out. If you're looking for a corporate presence website, e-commerce, or even just a landing page, our team is happy to help.


Development of complex applications for various types of tasks. We don't just design websites, we can help you with your web development needs as well. We can deliver exactly what you are looking for, such as a custom e-commerce application, client portals, Facebook applications, API development and SQL databases.


Reliable web hosting will accommodate your website's needs. Our hosting services range from shared hosting, where your site is given an allotted amount of space to use on one server that has many other sites, a virtually dedicated hosting service, as well as dedicated web hosting. We also offer PCI hosting as well as enterprise hosting.


We first help you clarify the kind of app you need to develop by going through an Opportunity Analysis. We then build an actual prototype with prototyping and visual design.
Typically it takes 3 to 4 months from project kick-off to App Store submission.The first week we clarify your objectives and needs. For the next 4 weeks, we create prototypes so you and your stakeholders can experience the app first hand. Once the prototype is signed off, we spend the next 4 to 6 weeks to developing the app. Finally, we reserve 2 to 3 weeks for fine tuning the app and submitting it the app to App Store.
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"Itembridge" produces exclusive creative products such as online stores templates, one page promo sites, graphic works and corporate style for the wide audience. All they are of high quality.
Many of our clients make changes to the app once it goes public, and they receive user feedback. So instead of working on refining two platforms at the same time, we recommend clients focus on iOS or Android first, then once the app is stabilized, we can port it to the other platform.
• Mobile Opportunity Analysis where we work with you to identify the best mobile strategies • User Analysis to uncover the hidden needs of your users • Prototyping which helps you and your team visualize the app prior to engineering • Analytics which helps you understand user behavior and its impact on your KPI



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